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After airing The Fire Radio for almost 3 years, God placed a desire on our hearts to start Saltville & Light Radio for our community. It was obvious that the previous 3 years, He had been preparing us for this. Our desire can be summed up by our mission statement that you see first thing at the top of our homepage and every page: "To build and strengthen The Kingdom Of God in Saltville...and share it with the world!"

We want this station and this website to be enjoyed by you, shared by you and be a blessing to you. A place where you and your family can come, listen and learn about what really matters...Jesus. This is truly a matter of Life and Death for you and your family; absolutely no question about it. Sin has ravaged our community and our world for so long and has taken so much from us, yet the 'wool' of sin is still being pulled over our eyes. I say, Enough! Let's do all we can to lift up Jesus Christ, our ONE and ONLY hope! There is NO OTHER name that can help us! Won't you join with me, as the Body Of Christ, and let's stand strong in presenting the Gospel Of Jesus Christ to our community...and share it with the world!

Saltville & Light Radio and The Fire Radio exists because of the vision that God has given Bro David Chestnut and Pastor Mark Holmes. Our desire is to serve and follow Christ and join Him in the Father's work of His Kingdom. This means we are here to serve you as He directs and leads us. We are called to uplift you by uplifting Jesus Christ and His Kingdom and by doing so, to tear down the prison kingdom brought about by mankind's fall into sin and self. We are killing ourselves and each other, literally, and Jesus Christ wants to give us life, love and freedom through a relationship with Him. Sin has us blind to these facts and we at the FIRE Radio and Saltville & Light Radio desire to open other's eyes to this because one day through faith in Jesus Christ He has opened our own. We also have a strong passion to uplift our brothers and sisters in Christ! This uplifts us! Jesus Christ has given us a great love for you!

Do you have a ministry that you would like to have considered for airplay and/or linking to this website? Do you want be added to or removed from our "Church" page? Do you have a prayer request? (Please let us know in the 'message' box if you do not want it posted on our 

"Prayer" page and we will not list it publicly but we will certainly still personally pray with you about it.)

Comments? Suggestions? Would you like to advertise with us? Support by sponsorship or donation? Are you a local Gospel or Christian artist that would like a spot in our upcoming "Local Artist Spotlight"? For these or any other reason or, if you have a question, feel free to contact Saltville & Light Radio by the following form:

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"Let’s Work Together"

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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God is Good!
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